‘Yes, I criticise certain aspects of Islam, but don’t call me a bigot’, demands Islamophobic bigot

Global JihadWriting the Guardian, of all places, Patrick Sookhdeo once again declares that he’s not an Islamophobe. If you’re inclined to swallow that claim have a quick look through the entries under “Sookhdeo” on Islamophobia Watch.

Or check out the list of publications on the Barnabas Fund’s website. In addition to Sookhdeo’s own works, including Slippery Slope: The Islamisation of the UKGlobal Jihad: The Future in the Face of Militant Islam and The Challenge of Islam to the Church and its Mission, we find such booklets as Islam and Truth (which examines “the growing challenge which Islam poses to Western society, culture and Church”), Islam and Slavery (which “shows that slavery is accepted uncritically in the Qur’an and sharia and is supported by the example of Muhammad”) and Islam in Britain (which exposes “the way in which the UK is becoming subtly islamised”).

But don’t get the idea that Sookhdeo and his friends view the Muslim community in an entirely negative light. Muslims can of course be saved from the fires of hell by conversion to Sookhdeo’s brand of right-wing fundamentalist Christianity. So the Barnabus Fund also publishes Breaking Through the Barriers: Leading Muslims to Christ, which “deals with the crucial differences between Islam and Christianity and answers important questions, such as: Is the God of the Bible the same as Allah”. To which the answer, we strongly suspect, is a resounding “no”.