Wilders serves freedom’s cause

Geoffrey AldermanWell, that’s the view of Geoffrey Alderman, writing in the Jewish Chronicle. But don’t get the idea that Alderman is entirely uncritical of the Dutch far-right anti-Muslim racist.

Alderman applauds Wilders for being “absolutely unrepentant – and unrelenting – in his insistence on telling the truth about militant Islam”. And he continues:

“The very public statements that landed him in court included the challenging assertion that ‘Islam is a fascist ideology’ and the equally provocative allegations that ‘Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible.’ Each of these statements is credible (or at least plausible) and each can be supported by evidence.”

On the other hand, in supporting a ban on ritual slaughter, which would result in the illegalisation of shechita, Wilders “has displayed a limited vision that does neither him nor his party any credit”. As Alderman explains:

“Shechita is in peril in the Netherlands partly because of the propaganda put out by the Freedom party against religious slaughter of food animals, which most Dutch people take to mean Muslim slaughter. In a frenzy of passion against Islam, the Dutch have punished the Jews.”

Whereas, in Alderman’s view, the Dutch should lay off the Jews and stick to punishing the Muslims.