Wilders not trying to create conflict and divisions, says lawyer (yeah right)

Geert Wilders is not trying to create conflict and divisions in society with his statements about Islam, Wilders’ lawyer said on Thursday at the MP’s trial in Amsterdam for inciting hatred and discrimination.

“Wilders does not preach violence,” Bram Moszkowicz said on the second day of the defence case. “He counters his opponents with words, with reason, with debate, because he feels this is what he must do,” Nos quoted the lawyer as saying.

There are uncertainties about some of the things Wilders is alleged to have said and the MP will “neither admit or deny” if he said them, Moszkowicz told the panel of judges. For example, there are two different versions of a statement Wilders is alleged to have made about deporting the prophet Mohammed.

Wilders has not spoken during the trial, having adopted his right to silence on the first day.

The prosecution, which has already said Wilders should be found not guilty on all counts, will respond to the defence on Friday. The judges will announce their verdict on November 5.

Dutch News, 21 October 2010