‘Why we object to Franklin Graham’s Islamophobia’

“Let’s just face it: Franklin Graham is an Islamophobe, an anti-Muslim bigot and an international representative of the scourge of fundamentalist Christian supremacy and exceptionalism. As a result, he fails in the worst way as a role model for Constitutional American citizenship. How can Graham or anyone prejudge/brand all members of a specific culture, religion and/or ethnicity?”

Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation outlines the MRFF’s role in securing the withdrawal of the invitation to Franklin Graham to speak at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer on 6 May.

Weinstein reports: “Graham’s fellow fundamentalists don’t seem to be taking the defeat too well. MRFF has been literally flooded with thousands of threatening and vile hate e-mails and ugly phone calls…. One boastfully proclaims that ‘Islam is evil and anyone who practices Islam deserves to be shot on the spot’. Behold, the product of Franklin Graham’s ‘Christian love’.”

Washington Post, 26 April 2010