Why Conservatives failed the test on Islamic schools

Writing in the Independent, Richard Garner explains how the Tory leader’s attack on the Government has unravelled.

In the Sun, Ken Livingstone comments:

“Devious David Cameron blundered in smearing two Muslim schools as training grounds for terrorists. Encouraged by his swivel-eyed schools adviser, Michael Gove, he thought he could get a few votes by whipping up fear of Islam. What the Tories must realise is that the Muslims who left the villages of Pakistan and Bangladesh to come here and work did so because they wanted their kids to grow up with our traditions of democracy, law and fair play. All the opinion polls show British Muslims are as loyal to Britain and its values as those of us who have been here for 1,000 years. Our media should stop giving publicity to the few mad mullahs and their handful of followers. They no more represent British Muslims than 1999 nailbomber David Copeland represented the mass of decent and tolerant Brits.”