‘We are at war with all Islam’

Ayaan Hirsi AliThe Spectator interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has told a meeting organised by the Centre for Social Cohesion: “We are actually at war, not just with Islamism, but with Islam itself.”

Sample quotes from the interview:

“The Prophet would have not have disapproved of 9/11, because it was carried out in his example.” “I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘moderate Islam’.” “Islam is hostile to reason.” “I was a Muslim once, and it was when I was most devout that I was most full of hate.”

“You, here in the UK, are in danger. Of course you can’t ban Islam outright, but you need to stop the spread of ideology, stop native Westerners converting to Islam. You definitely need to ban the veil in schools, and to close down Muslim schools because that’s where kids are indoctrinated…. You wouldn’t allow the BNP to run a school, would you?”

Her parting remark is: “Yes, I am at war with Islam, but I am not at war with Muslims.” The Spectator agrees that this is “a crucial difference”. Muslim communities, for whose demonisation Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s abusive and provocative comments provide ammunition, would find her assurance rather less convincing.