Vlaams Belang: ‘Stop Islamisation’

Vlaams BelangBRUSSELS – Extreme right wing Vlaams Belang is going to launch a campaign to “stop Islamisation,” first in Antwerp and later in other cities. The party is calling for a stop to the registration of newcomers in the city, a restriction on the number of mosques, and the expulsion of radical imams.

VB faction leader in the Flemish Parliament Filip Dewinter says that Islam is pursuing a deliberate strategy to conquer Flemish cities. That is being done through increasing concentration, the formation of ghettos, and the refusal to integrate, he says.

More and more native Belgians are leaving the cities and the government is making the situation worse, Dewinter says. “Allah is great and Patrick Janssens [Socialist Party mayor of Antwerp] is his prophet. He keeps giving in on essential issues and is not putting a stop to the Islamisation of our city,” Dewinter says.

Vlaams Belang wants to put a stop to immigration to Antwerp and encourage voluntary repatriation. In addition Vlaams Belang wants Islam to be scrapped as a recognised religion and that any subsidies be stopped.

“Personal religious observance should be free, also for Muslims, but we do not think that a sort of Islamic pillar of society should be created in our country to which we have to make all sorts of concessions, like segregated swimming areas and halal food in public schools,” Dewinter says. “Islam must adapt to our way of life, not the other way round “, Dewinter stressed.

Expatica, 20 September 2007