UAF demonstration at Downing Street today

Handing in of UAF unity statement to Downing St prior to EDL mobilisation

Monday 27 May 2pm outside Downing Street London SW1A


Jeremy Corbyn MP
Murad Qureshi AM
Daniel Trilling Assistant Editor, New Statesman
Azad Ali, Islamic Forum Europe
Mohammed Kozbar, British Muslim Initiative
Zita Holbourne, TUC Race Relations Committee
Steve Hart, Unite the Union Political Director
Andy Reid, PCS Executive Member and Woolwich resident
Kate Hudson, General Secretary CND
Unjum Mirza Political officer, RMT
Aaron Kiely NUS Black Students Officer
Matt Stanley NUS LGBT Committee
Lynne Chamberlain, Woolwich Trades Council
Weyman Bennett Joint National Secretary, Unite Against Fascism

and others tbc

Unite Against Fascism sends its condolences to the family and friends of Lee Rigby, the soldier murdered on Wednesday in Woolwich. There can be no justification for such a terrible attack on an individual.
At the same time we also reject the attempt by fascist organisations such as the English Defence League and British National Party to exploit the murder to whip up racism and direct hatred towards all Muslims. Last night a mosque in Bletchley was subjected to an arson attack with petrol bomb.

Together with all anti-racists, those of different communities, cultures and faiths, trade unions and others we, now more than ever, must stand up to Islamophobia wherever it raises its head.
Join us outside Downing Street on Monday to hand in our statement following the Woolwich murder. We will be co-ordinating a peaceful assembly prior to the EDL mobilisation at 3pm. Our event will include a delegation from Woolwich including the Trades Council and local community groups