True Finns MP asked to show more discretion following controversy over racist remarks

True Finns party chairman Timo Soini had a stern discussion with the newly elected MP Teuvo Hakkarainen on Thursday.

Hakkarainen had raised eyebrows with comments on immigration that he made in a video clip put up on the Helsingin Sanomat website.

In the interview he called for a need for faster expulsion of rejected refugees, used an expression that is generally considered to be an offensive racial slur, and made a mocking imitation of a Muslim call to prayer.

In their discussion Soini urged Hakkarainen to exercise more discretion in what he says. The fresh MP attributed his speech to his rural background.

Earlier in the day Hakkarainen, who runs a sawmill in Viitasaari, expressed surprise at the uproar that his comments had caused in the social media. “Why can’t I say how things are?” he asked.

Helsingin Sanomat, 29 April 2011