Torygraph defence editor claims British mosques preach violence

Con CoughlinOver at the Daily Telegraph, Con Coughlin draws the lessons from the departure of Abu Qatada to Jordan:

“While the Government’s focus is rightly centred on tightening up our liberal immigration laws, there is another area that requires urgent attention. The majority of this [sic] mosques in this country preach the traditional virtues of Islam, but there remains a minority that continue to subscribe to a more radical agenda, and are highly influential in persuading impressionable young Muslims – many of them British citizens who cannot be deported to places like Jordan – to take up the cause of jihad against the West.”

Perhaps Coughlin could provide us with a list of these mosques? Indeed, if he knows for a fact that such preaching is going on in the UK, doesn’t he have an obligation to inform the police? Or could it just possibly be that he has no evidence whatsoever for this inflammatory claim and made the whole thing up?