Torygraph backs Bright, attacks MCB

Meanwhile a Telegraph editorial takes the opportunity to blame “Muslim families” for not preventing terrorism and have a go at the MCB:

“In truth, there is no such thing as a single ‘Muslim community’. The Muslim Council of Britain is held by the Government to be the authentic voice of this frequently disparate group, which hails originally from at least a dozen different countries. But is it? A trenchant analysis – When Progressives Treat With Reactionaries – written by Martin Bright, the political editor of the Left-wing New Statesman, concludes: ‘The Government has chosen as its favoured partner an organisation that is undemocratic, divisive and unrepresentative of the full diversity of Muslim Britain.’ Too frequently, its leaders depict as mainstream what most people would describe as extreme. Its stand against terrorism has been muted.”

Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2006