Tory twits attack Qaradawi

Qaradawi and MayorYes, it’s another denunciation of the Mayor of London for engaging with leading Muslim scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi. This one is featured in an “attack ad” on the 18 Doughty Street website (watch it here). Although the site is funded by Jeffrey Archer’s former mayoral campaign manager and almost exclusively involves a group of former or present Conservative Party candidates and employees, they pretend that they’re anti-establishment rebels who will “will endeavour to always take the working man’s side and see the Nation through his eyes” (for details see here). To that end, this bunch of upper-class Tory twits have hired some actor with a mockney accent to do an embarrassing voice-over to their ad. So much for their much-hyped path-breaking contribution to political campaigning in the UK. Back to the drawing board chaps, I would suggest.

As for 18 Doughty Street’s repetition of the discredited story, which derives from the equally discredited Middle East Media Research Institute, that Qaradawi “has described suicide bombings as a duty”, see here and here.