Tory MPs packed APPG on Islamophobia meeting to remove ENGAGE

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle Martin Bright provides an insight into how ENGAGE was removed as the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia earlier this week. It was accomplished by “a highly organised phalanx of 50 backbench Conservatives” who packed the meeting that took the decision to remove ENGAGE.

It would be interesting to see a list of the Tory MPs’ names. I think we can assume that the overwhelming majority of them don’t have the slightest interest in, or record of, combating Islamophobia and having achieved their aim of removing ENGAGE won’t ever be seen at the APPG again.

Of course, their task in ousting ENGAGE was made a lot easier by Chris Allen’s stupid report to the APPG, which provided a cover for this crudely politically motivated decision. A short summary of my own views on Allen’s role can be found here.

Update:  See also Joe Dobson’s comment here. Inayat Bunglawala has blogged on it too.