‘Tis the season to bash Muslims

BNP demonstrationSunny Hundal responds to the spurious “Christmas is Banned” stories:

“Christmas is the perfect season for two things: re-runs and silly publicity stunts. Combine the two in media-land and what do you get? The annual slew of screaming ‘Christmas has been banned!’ headlines of course, which now resurface as regular as clockwork. Usually all ‘ethnics’ and their politically correct co-conspirators are blamed.

“This year, given the spotlight they have been placed under, it has almost universally been made into a Muslim issue. The farcical charade usually plays out as follows. A tabloid makes the outraged claim on its front page. Muslims complain they have nothing to do with it. ‘Oh yes you have’, say the press, pointing to the fictitious PC brigade apparently too scared to offend anyone with anything as scandalous as some tinsel and flashing lights.”

Guardian, 11 December 2006