The Sun and Nazis combine to incite anti-Muslim prejudice

“BRITAIN’S biggest fun park has sparked a race row – with a MUSLIMS-ONLY day. Up to 28,000 are expected at Alton Towers on September 17 when there will be no music, booze or gambling. Instead there will be prayer areas, Muslim stalls and all food served will be HALAL. Organisers Islamic Leisure have billed it the First National Muslim Fun Day and tickets can only be bought through their website. Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets. One, George Hughes, 19, who rang up for 15 tickets for a pal’s birthday, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it. It’s the only day we can go, yet I can’t because I’m not Muslim. Can you imagine all the fuss if there was a Christians-only day?'”

The Sun, 1 July 2006

See also BNP news report, 28 June 2006  and Combat 18 discussion forum, 2 July 2006