Terror threat? Blame Muslims and Labour

“Make no mistake, this terror threat is the fault of both the Muslim community and New Labour…. Labour’s complete immigration incompetence has fundamentally changed the character of this country and severely jeopardised our security. And Blair still goes on holiday! No wonder over 50 per cent of Brits want to get out of this septic isle. They are sick of being taxed to death by this Government and smeared as racist if they complain about unchecked immigration. They are being forced out of their own land….

“Labour are still not willing to do the single thing that could help solve this problem, which is to rip up the Human Rights Act NOW. This one single piece of legislation has effectively turned our capital city into Londonistan. The act is exploited by extremists and allows them to stick two fingers up at our laws and values. They’re aided and abetted by leeching lawyers while the more vocal sections of the Muslim community like to wallow in their own self-pity amid claims of social deprivation and Islamophobia….

“People have been remarkably tolerant since 7/7 but the bare-faced cheek of sending an open letter to Blair demanding a change in our foreign policy could act like a red rag to a bull.”

Jon Gaunt in The Sun, 15 August 2006