Tebbitt on the Islamisation of the ‘Christian West’

Lord Tebbitt warns of the consequences of the decline of Christianity:

“Watch out for the challenge from the mosques. An Islam with a modern face will soon begin to present itself as the natural home for those who long for moral certainty and a new sense of discipline within society. The calls for a caliphate, a religious state based on Sharia Law, will be toned down, the firebrand preachers will be done away with by the moderates, and there will be talk of the founding of a secular Muslim state, as in Turkey.

“And with no other options on the table, they may soon find that they have an awful lot of fellow travellers with whom to bolster their ranks.

“The task for the imams will be to exploit the fatal weakness of the multicultural society and replace a Christian church that has lost its sense of history and direction with a Mosque that has a strong, ingrained sense of both. For Islam, that would be a justified triumph. For the Christian West, however, it would be a monumental loss.”

Daily Mail, 8 August 2008