Tatchell shares platform with speaker who defends right to incite homophobic hatred

As we have already noted, among the people Peter Tatchell will be sharing a platform with at next Saturday’s “March for Free Expression” is Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance. In August 2004 Gabb issued a press release on behalf of the Alliance defending the right to free speech of one Ake Green, an evangelical Christian in Sweden who had been convicted under that country’s anti-hatred legislation after describing homosexuality as “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumour in the body of society”.

Gabb’s press release stated: “The Libertarian Alliance believes in the right to freedom of speech. This includes, though is not limited to, the right to say anything about public policy or alleged matters of fact. If someone wants to say that homosexuals are the spawn of Satan, or that black people are morally or genetically inferior to whites, or that the holocaust did not happen (but should have), or that the Prophet Mohammed was a demon-possessed, epileptic paedophile, that is his right. If he causes offence, hard luck on those offended. They have no right to legal protection against such views.”

Libertarian Alliance press release, 9 August 2004