Statement by Alex Salmond and Ken Livingstone

Alex Salmond MP MSP, First Minister of Scotland, and Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London after meeting today said:

“We stand united in our condemnation of the recent attempted attacks in Glasgow and London and applaud the swift and courageous response of the emergency services and members of the public, which prevented any loss of life. The safety of all the inhabitants of Scotland and London rests on the professionalism of the police and security service and information supplied to these by all communities.

“We reiterate that actions like these are carried out by criminals, not by communities, and welcome as very important the clear and unambiguous statements by Muslim organisations, and all other communities, denouncing the killing of innocent people. Those who seek to use recent events to create divisions, foster prejudice and excuse mindless attacks on minority communities are contemptible.

“We are one Scotland and one London; places of rich history and diversity which welcome all those who seek to contribute to our society and abide by our laws, whatever their race, religion, creed or colour.”

GLA press release, 26 July 2007