Shock revelations by JC: Ken Livingstone thinks author of ‘Celsius 7/7’ is Islamophobic and that Zionists want to isolate Qaradawi

Gove CelsiusFormer Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has claimed Education Secretary Michael Gove is “stridently Islamophobic”.

Mr Livingstone made his comments in an interview after being asked about his invitation to controversial Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi during his time as mayor. He said “fervent Zionists” such as Mr Gove had wanted to “isolate” Sheikh al-Qaradawi because of his criticisms of Israel.

Mr Livingstone added: “Just look at [Gove’s] writings and the general tone he takes is to depict Islam as genuinely a threat. He’s at the extreme end of this.” He told the London Loves Business website that “people like Michael Gove and others have been stridently Islamophobic for some time, and they assume there are votes in this”.

Jewish Chronicle, 23 November 2011

Update:   See “Livingstone attacks ‘Islamophobe’ Gove”, Jewish Chronicle, 24 November 2011

A “source close to Michael Gove” is quoted as saying: “The idea that Michael Gove is Islamophobic is preposterous.”