Sharia law to conquer North America through Campbell’s soup

Does low-fat cream-of-broccoli soup sound threatening to you? No? Well then clearly you’re unaware of the threat radical Islam poses to baseball, apple pie, and good old Campbell’s soup.

At least that’s the line being taken by opponents of anything even marginally affiliated with Islam, on news that Campbell’s Canada rolled out a line of halal-certified soups earlier this year. (Halal, meaning legal under religious law.)

Apparently, “the 15 soups comply with Islamic dietary regulations which, much like kosher regulations, prohibit certain foods and define the right way to slaughter animals.” But to the self-appointed defenders of America, this wasn’t a business decision, it was a sign that “Sharia is coming to North America – this time, via the grocery store.” …

People (including the Tea Party Nation) are already calling for a boycott of Campbell’s. “This is just another way that terrorism and its sponsors are insinuating themselves into our culture,” wrote one irate Facebooker. “There are stages to the Islamization of non-Islamic countries.”

Stage 1, apparently, is soup.

Bruce Maiman at, 13 October 2010