Shari’a law called ‘racist, backward’ at meeting of ex-Muslims

Council of ex-MuslimsLondon — Sweeping legal challenges must be made against the creeping introduction of Islamic law (shari’a) in the United Kingdom, the head of a new body of former Muslims said here Friday. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, a group bringing together former adherents of the Islamic faith as well as humanists, held its first international conference in London. Several speakers decried the rise of what they called “political Islam” across Europe., 13 October 2008

That would be this so-called Council of Ex-Muslims. Its conference brought together members of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran (who were responsible for launching the organisation) along with militant atheists and secularists. With the exception of Ibn Warraq, there was scarcely an ex-Muslim in sight.

Update:  See also the Guardian, which for some reason has given space to A.C Grayling to promote this fraud.