Sharia law already devouring UK (it says here)

PJ Media has posted a truly crazed comment piece by Paul Diamond. A British barrister who specialises in representing fellow fundamentalist Christians claiming to have been victims of discrimination, Diamond was a featured speaker at the Preserving Freedom Conference in Nashville last month, where he announced that the UK group Christian Concern would be linking up with the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.

It is worth reading his PJ Media article if you want an insight into the mindset of the most extreme elements within the evangelical Christian right. Some sample quotes:

“The ‘constructive accommodation’ of Muslim law reached a logical conclusion with the declaration this year of Sharia law controlled zones in a number of areas geographically spread over the country, where the Islamist militants enforce their will…. A reign of terror has begun, with threats of implicit violence against anyone who ‘insults’ Islam, changes religion, or fails to dress appropriately.”

“If the Labour Party had won the last general election in 2010, I believe they would have introduced Sharia law into the United Kingdom.”

“When I was a boy growing up in London … terms like ‘Sharia’ and ‘jihad’ were anthropological phrases analogous to witch burning, using leeches to draw blood, and cannibalism. It would have been beyond my comprehension that our political elite would seek to introduce this medieval system into one of the most advanced societies in the world.”

“… the British police act in the vanguard of the Islamification of Britain by selectively terrorizing the British population to use only the ‘free speech rights’ of which they approve…. The Islamists can say what they want; anyone who criticizes this or shows it will be prosecuted by the police.”

“Islam is becoming the established religion…. the causative reason is a liberal elite who are ‘fellow travelers’ with a primitive juristic system. The Labour Party and Democratic Party are sympathetic to religious practice that discriminates against women, homosexuals, and Jews – everything they purport to be against. This could be coming to a state near you sooner than you think.”