School shooting threat in Bergen

A junior high school in Bergen, west Norway, was evacuated this Tuesday morning after a national newspaper received a message from a pupil claiming to have a weapon in their school bag with the intention of shooting others, “especially Muslims”.

No-one is believed to have been hurt in the incident at Gimle junior high school, during which the school was evacuated just before 11.30. Police briefly questioned two students in connection with the incident, but did not find a weapon and have made no arrests.

At 09.40, a message was sent to newspaper VG that a person at the school had a weapon on school property with the intention to begin shooting people within half an hour.

According to VG, the message reads: “today, May 3, big things will happen. In exactly half an hour it starts. A massacre at Gimle school Bergen. Everyone that stands in the way will die, especially Muslims are vulnerable. The weapon is securely placed in the bag and ready for action.”

After the newspaper passed the message on to the police, armed units and sharpshooters took up positions around the school and evacuated the buildings class by class. Ambulances were also stationed nearby, and the local university hospital was prepared for an emergency.

One student at the school told website that “we have received a message to sit away from the windows”, and added that “everyone is hysterical”. Students’ telephones and bags were searched by the police.

Views and News from Norway, 3 May 2011