Sacked Muslim employees seek damages over alleged racism at Bankers Life office in Missouri

CLAYTON, Mo. — An office manager at Bankers Life and Casualty subjected two U.S. citizens to racial slurs and fired them because of their Palestinian descent and Muslim religion, the men say.

Ali Badran and Warrad Warrad say their boss, Daniel Colvis, insulted them repeatedly about their race, religion and ethnicity. Colvis is or was the manager of Bankers’ Chesterfield office, according to the complaint in St. Louis County Court. The insults included being called “goat fuckers” and “sand niggers;” being told, “please don’t blow yourselves up;” and being asked, “is Osama Bin Laden your uncle?”, and “did you do a dance on 9-11?” the men say.

Badran and Warrad say Colvis fired them even though they had a better sales history than their Caucasian counterparts. They say Colvis harassed women and African-American employees as well. They seek damages for lost income, suffering and humiliation.

Courthouse News Service, 13 April 2011