Roberta Moore claims Breivik trial is a ‘kangaroo court’, agrees that his murder of Labour Party youth was no different to killing Nazis

Roberta Moore and Stephen Lennon

Giving evidence at his trial yesterday Anders Breivik “compared Norway’s Labour Party youth wing to the Hitler Youth and called their annual summer gathering an ‘indoctrination’ camp”.

This view of the attack on Utøya is shared by former EDL Jewish Division leader and friend of Stephen Lennon, Roberta Moore. Taking issue with a Facebook critic who argued that there is never a reason to kill innocent civilians, Moore responded: “They were NOT innocent.”

She posted a link to an article on the Jewish Defence League UK website (presumably written by Moore herself) which endorses Breivik’s claim that his slaughter of young Labour Party supporters was equivalent to an attack on a Hitler Youth camp, and indignantly defends him against the charge that he murdered children:

Firstly, what happened on Utoya was regrettable, but those to blame are those who held the rally, the Labour Youth and the Norwegian government. Breivik killed nobody under the age of 14 in the shootings, they were young adults. The rally at Utoya was certainly no “kids day out” it was an Far Left indoctrination weekend, set on a picturesque island, only the day before those attending were holding “Boycott Israel” banners to show the cameras. You tell me what “child” attends political meetings? You tell me what “child” is classed as an up and coming Politician? They were not children, they were young adults. I hold the same amount of sympathy for the those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940’s, or were they just “children” as well?

The article denounces Breivik’s trial as “a classic Kangaroo court” and condemns the refusal to allow his testimony to be televised: “The Left’s worst nightmare is to allow the truth about the Muslim Invasion of Europe and its backlash and future to be broadcast on National TV and form more anti-Islamic resistance groups in Europe. Make no mistake they fear Breivik.”