Regional authority in Czech Republic provides financial support to anti-mosque movement

AntiMesitaThe Hradec Králové Regional Authority is financially supporting the AntiMešita (Anti-Mosque) movement, which holds discussions on the danger of Islam for citizens of Hradec Králové, establishes petitions against the existence of mosques in various towns and fights the spread of Islamic culture on Czech territory.

Despite the controversial nature of their activities, the association has received financial support from the Regional Authority in the amount of CZK 15 000. Imrich Dioszegi, press spokesperson for the Regional Authority, told local daily Hradecký deník that:

“…just as the region contributes to the activities of various cultural or sports clubs and associations on its territory, the Regional Council decided to support the activities of the civic associations AntiMešita and AntiMešita-envi with CZK 15 000. The money corresponds to an application intended for the activity of both associations, the creation of a web page and legal services.”

As a result of the governing coalition agreement in that region, the Christian Democrats have the greatest influence over allocating financial gifts.

AntiMešita founder Kusák perceives the financial gift as a way for Regional Governor Lubomír Franc (ČSSD), the Regional Council, and the Regional Authority’s leadership to express their moral support for his cause. He is using the financial support to design and implement anti-Islamic discussions in Hradec Králové and to make the AntiMešita movement visible.

Romano Vod’i, 19 July 2011