‘Red Ken: there’s method in his vileness’

Richard_Littlejohn“This column has long argued that mass, uncontrolled immigration was a deliberate policy to secure electoral advantage for Labour. Back in 1987, after Mrs Thatcher’s third victory, Labour concluded it could no longer rely on the old white working class. So it decided that it would import a new working class, which would then return the favour by loyally voting Labour.

“This was part of a wider strategy that also included the creation of a vast client state and putting as many members of the middle classes as possible on the payroll. It’s now coming to fruition in the London mayoral elections.

“There are 350,000 new voters on the electoral roll in the capital, most of them immigrants. There’s also a huge Muslim vote. Ken Livingstone reckons that 200,000 of them will swing it for him. So he’s sent his goons into mosques to rustle up support and lavished hundreds of thousands of pounds in grants on Muslim organisations. One of his most dedicated cheerleaders in the Islamic community is a big fan of suicide bombings and a supporter of Hamas, which wants to wipe Israel off the map.

“Now you know why Livingstone embraces Islamist headbangers, insults Jews and smears anyone who challenges him as a ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobe’. It’s all done with a cynical eye on the ballot box. Vile he may be, daft he ain’t.”

Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail, 18 April 2008

You do rather feel that Littlejohn is preaching to the converted here. A Daily Mail online poll on the London mayoral election currently has Livingstone at 11% and Boris Johnson at 78%. Now there’s a surprise.