Racial slurs used during attack on Iowa Muslim

The Iowa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-IA) today called on local state and national law enforcement agencies to investigate an allegedly bias-motivated attack on an Iowa Muslim as a possible hate crime.

CAIR-IA said an 18-year-old Iraqi refugee and his mother were reportedly assaulted following a recent softball game at Cedar Rapids‘ Tait Cummings Park by a member of the opposing team.

During the game, supporters of the opposing team allegedly shouted racial slurs at the victim and his team members. After the game, the victim was allegedly hit in the jaw by an assailant from the opposing team who shouted slurs such as “raghead,” “terrorist” and “camel jockey.” The victim’s jaw was broken in the alleged assault. The victim’s mother was allegedly assaulted by the same person when she tried to defend her son.

CAIR press release, 18 June 2010