Pope’s comment on Islam had ‘an agreeably crusading ring’ to it – Rod Liddle

Rod Liddle“The Muslim world is in ferment, or even more ferment than usual, as a result of a speech given by Pope Benedict XVI at Regensburg University.

“Ben took a swipe at the notion that Islam is an inherently peaceable, easy-going, happy-go-lucky credo with a core philosophy that proclaims hey, why not live and let live, huh? Rather, he let slip: ‘Everything Muhammad brought was evil and inhuman’, which has an agreeably crusading, unequivocal ring to it, I think you’ll agree….

“The Pope should have been aware that Islam always reacts to western allegations that it is not a peaceful religion by mass outbreaks of vituperation, denunciation and acts of jihadic violence….

“The ‘liberal and moderate’ Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi (pro death penalty for homosexuals, female circumcision, suicide bombings against Jews and other similarly tolerant stuff) has insisted the Pope must apologise. Soon the placards will be out, the effigies, the foam-flecked demonstrators and attacks by adolescent suicidal nutters.”

Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times, 17 September 2006