Poll shows more work needed against Islamophobia in Scotland

The Scottish-Islamic Foundation have said that an opinion poll of Scottish society about Muslims shows mixed feelings when it comes to community relations.

The British Council/Ipsos MORI poll found:

  • Six out of ten people think Muslims are integrated into Scottish society
  • 46% of Scots think Muslims are loyal to the country, while 33% think they are not
  • Islam is viewed less favourably than other religions in Scotland

Respondents to the poll also expressed a feeling that integration was easier in Scotland than in England.

Commenting on the findings, Asif Ahmed chairman of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation said:

“There are few better places in the world to be Muslim than Scotland – but it can be even better. With more effort across the board, Scotland can be an exemplar to the rest of the world not just on coexistence between Muslims and others, but also harmony and cooperation.

“Compared to polls over the years in Scotland, the situation isn’t getting dramatically better or worse. Greater pushes need to be made for an upturn though as the anti-Muslim demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh over the last year, coupled with the economic crisis, could mean things go the other way in the years ahead.”

Scottish-Islamic Foundation press release, 11 August 2010

See also BBC News, 10 August 2010 and the Scotsman, 11 August 2010

The full British Council report can be downloaded here and a summary here.