Police warn against inciting racial and religious hatred at Lincoln mosque protest march

Lincolnshire Police have warned against inciting racial and religious hatred or violence at a planned protest march against the Lincoln mosque on June 8.

The demo is organised via Facebook by a group called East Anglian Patriots, possibly an off-shoot of the English Defence League (EDL). The force said the event was planned before the Woolwich attack last week.

The event is planned for 1pm on June 8 at the site of the former Boultham Dairy, where the new mosque and a supermarket have been approved in November 2012.

The event organisers say on the poster they are objecting to the “ever-increasing mosque building program that is taking hold in this country and increasing Islam encroachment on our way of life.”

Lincolnshire Police said in a statement they have engaged with the organisers to establish possible numbers and the intentions of those attending.

“Should a protest event take place, ample resources will be in place to ensure public safety,” the force said. “Any public disorder, or offences related to inciting racial and religious hatred or violence at such an event, will be met with a robust policing response.”

Police also encouraged responsible use of social media in the run-up to the planned event: “Any communications reported to us that breach law may be monitored, captured and robust police action will be considered.”

The Lincolnite, 28 May 2013