Peter Risdon on ‘Izlam’

Peter Risdon, organiser of last year’s misnamed March for Free Expression, offers his take on the Gillian Gibbons case:

“A Muslim regime imprisoned a non-Muslim and it took two Muslim peers, Baroness Warsi and Lord Ahmed, to negotiate her release. Why did the negotiators have to be Muslims? The answer is simple: Islam is a fundamentally supremacist system of thought and the pattern we saw in Sudan, of a submissive and powerless non-Muslim having her fate decided by Muslims, is deeply entrenched in Islamic tradition.”

Risdon also gives us his thoughts on the so-called “mega mosque” in Newham. He describes the proposed building as “a visible symbol of supremacism that is intended to dominate the site of the forthcoming Olympics and to send out a message of Izlamist triumphalism to the entire world” and “the moral equivalent of erecting a giant burning cross on the site”.

Freeborn John, 3 November 2007