Pat Condell on the MCB and community relations

Pat CondellSelf-styled “comedian” Pat Condell, hero of the National Secular Society, delivers his verdict on the Muslim Council of Britain – “duplicitous, mealy-mouthed, unprincipled, terrorist-sympathising scum” – and helpfully outlines his prescription for promoting harmony between Britain’s diverse communities:

“You know what’s good for community relations? People who come to this country and adapt happily to our way of life, or if they find it’s not quite to their taste they piss off and live somewhere else. That’s really good for community relations. If you don’t like how we do things in Britain, get out. You weren’t invited here and you’re not wanted here.”

In the course of this latest rant Condell expresses indignation that he has become something of a hero among racists and fascists too. Now, why do you suppose that might be, Pat?

Video (if you can stomach it) here.