Pasquill explains himself

Derek Pasquill“It would be fair to say that when I started working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office unit dealing with engagement with the Islamic world at the beginning of 2005, I did not have a great deal of knowledge about British Muslim politics. I had no particular reason to question the office’s process of engagement with Muslim groups….

“It is impossible to overstate the effect of the London bombings. I was really shaken by the events of 7 July and they played a huge role in informing my thinking. I took a holiday in August and devoted it to reading up on political Islam and, in particular, the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s main Islamist group. The dominant view at the FCO was that it was a moderate organisation with which the UK could do business. My reading suggested otherwise, and I gradually became convinced of the totalitarian nature of its ideology.”

Derek Pasquill explains his decision to provide Martin Bright with the internal FCO documents which formed the basis for Bright’s pamphlet When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries, published by the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange.

New Statesman, 17 January 2008