Norwalk, Connecticut: city moves to settle mosque lawsuit

The city and Al-Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk appear headed toward resolution of the latter’s lawsuit against the city.

Al-Madany Islamic Center sued the city after the commission on June 6 rejected the center’s plan to build a mosque/multi-purpose center at 127 Fillow St. That decision might now be reversed, or at least altered.

On a 6-1 vote Thursday night, Norwalk Zoning commissioners approved the following motion: “Subject to an agreement on the terms and conditions of the final settlement agreement, we consent to a resolution to allow for zoning approval for the mosque and accessory use building.”

The Hour, 29 November 2012

There has been an ongoing dispute over Al-Madany Islamic Center’s plans (see herehere and here).

Update:  See “Norwalk supports mosque after lawsuit, fed inquiry”, Associated Press, 8 December 2012