NHS staff told not to hold meetings where alcohol served in order not to offend Muslims

So the Daily Telegraph asserts. However, if you read the article, you find that the basis for this claim is that the document Religion or Belief: a Practical Guide for the NHS “warns that staff training or bonding events may alienate followers of some faiths if they take place at weekends or in pubs”. Which is not the same thing, is it? So what we have here is another inaccurate scaremongering headline aimed at promoting the right-wing myth about the threatened “Islamisation” of the West.

You’ll note that the advice about problems arising from events held at weekends is clearly intended to show sensitivity not only towards practising Christians but also towards Jewish NHS employees who wish to observe the Shabbat. But for some reason the Torygraph doesn’t think it appropriate to run the headline “NHS staff told not to hold meetings at weekends in order not to offend Jews”.