Netherlands: 65% support ban on large mosques

According to a large survey prepared by TV program Netwerk and newspaper Nederlands Dagbald, 65% of the Dutch ‘agree’ or ‘completely agree’ that there should be a stop to the building of large mosques.

Most Dutch are concerned about the growth of Islam in the Netherlands and its influence on society.  At the same time, a majority are also concerned about the negative manner in which Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV) speak about Islam.

59% of the Dutch think that in 40 years Islam would be at least as an important aspect of the Netherlands as Christianity is today.  57% say the increase in the number of Muslims threatens Dutch culture, and 53% say it threats freedom of religion.

The concern about Islam crosses political boundaries.  56% of Labor Party voters, 65% of Socialist Party voters, 67% of Christian Union voters and 87% of Political Reformed Party (SGP) voters, support stopping the building of large mosques.

Islam in Europe, 5 June 2008