Nazi graffiti on French family’s house

Pont-du-Château Nazi graffiti

France 3 reports that on Sunday morning a family at Pont-du-Château in Auvergne in central France found the walls of their house covered in Nazi graffiti. Of Algerian origin, the family has lived in the area for fifteen years.

An unpleasant suprise awaited the Charef family when they woke up on Sunday morning. They found Nazi graffiti on the walls of their house at Pont-du-Château, in the Puy-de-Dôme department. Swastikas and Celtic crosses had been drawn on the wall. These are signs regularly used by far-right and Islamophobic groups.

Settled in Auvergne for almost 30 years, Bouzid Charef is a biologist at the National Institute for Agricultural Research. On Monday morning he was still in shock and immediately registered a complaint. The Pont-du-Château police have taken up the case and are following all leads.

Signs recalling Nazi ideology are an aggravating factor in the offence of criminal damage and those responsible face up to two years in prison.