Muslims under attack at centre

Muslims are being pelted with eggs and stones in anti-Islamic attacks on the South Woodford Muslim Community Centre seven years after it was destroyed in a petrol bomb attack.

“A few weeks ago there were people throwing eggs at children leaving the centre,” said Qaiser Malik, secretary of the Qurani Murkuz Trust behind the centre in Mulberry Way. “People have thrown eggs and stones from the flyover. They spit on our doors and have left ham and bacon on the doorstep. Apparently the same things are happening to people at bus stops in Woodford.”

Dr Mohammmed Essam El-Din Fahim, head Imam and chairman of the South Woodford centre, said Islamic hatred has been stirred up by BNP leaflets being distributed in the area condemning Islam and the mosque.

Wanstead & Woodford Guardian, 14 June 2007