Anti-Muslim protest by Master Race flops

NF Islam Out of BritainThe Al Muhajiroun demonstration against “British Oppression” in Downing Street on Friday apparently passed off without incident. Reports indicate an attendance about 150, while the counter-protest initiated by Terry Blackham of the National Front attracted about 30 protestors according to the fascist website Stormfront – though photographs suggest it may have been even fewer.

Evidently expecting a huge response to his call for an anti-Islamist demonstration, Blackham had originally intended to march the vanguard of the White Race over to City Hall at the end of the demo to stage a mass protest against Ken Livingstone, so given the pathetic turnout he was well advised to abandon that idea. And over at YouTube you can watch an excerpt from Blackham’s inspirational address to his troops in which he predicts “world media attention on this event today”. Another slight misjudgement there, eh Terry?

On a more serious note, in a further speech to the demonstrators Blackham objected to the fascists being separated from the Al Muhajiroun protestors and declared that in future, instead of co-operating with the police, the NF will take direct action against Muslim communities: “This fucking barrier is a joke…. Let’s not have it…. You lot organise with me and we’ll turn up and we’ll oppose these [Muslims] at their mosques. I can’t wait until we can take their mosques down brick by brick.”

Surely there are grounds for Blackham being charged under the Public Order Act? Or are far-right racists – unlike Islamist extremists – immune to prosecution for inciting violence?