Muslims should show support for attacks on civil liberties, advises Torygraph

“A number of Muslim leaders have made clear how shocked and offended their community has been by these incidents. But given the state of public anger and alarm over the series of failed attacks, and the sense that it was only the most extraordinary good fortune that prevented them from ending in carnage, it may no longer be enough for British Muslims to offer verbal condemnations after the fact….

“Obviously, all Muslims should not be branded as potential terrorists, but, for present purposes, all terrorists are likely to be Muslims…. it is they who will have to accept the infringements of liberty that follow from racial profiling and the targeting of likely terrorists, which are now necessary for public safety. Perhaps the many British Muslims who detest terrorist activity might consider raising their voices against it in public protests, to demonstrate their understanding of the need for the hard measures to come.”

Editorial in Daily Telegraph, 3 July 2007