Muslims must do more to integrate, says poll

An ICM poll  conducted for the Sunday Telegraph reports that reveals that 56% of respondents believe that Muslims should do more to integrate – which is hardly surprising given the avalanche of propaganda to that effect.

Other statistics are more positive, however, and show that at least a substantial section of the general population remains resistant to the relentless media campaign against the Muslim community. More people disagreed with Nazir-Ali’s comments about “no-go areas” than agreed (38% as against 35%), while 51% thought that the Muslim community enriched Britain and was not a threat compared with 37% who disagreed.

Predictably, the Torygraph wheels out Patrick Sookhdeo of the right-wing evangelical Christian group, the Barnabas Fund, who is quoted as saying: “Muslims are being told not to integrate into British society, but to set up separate enclaves where they can operate according to sharia law.” He claims that the process of “cleansing” Muslim-majority areas of non-Muslims has already begun, with white residents urged to leave and churches threatened.