‘Muslims must control their anger’: scholars oppose violent response to anti-Islam film

Qaradawi and MayorRenowned Islamic scholars reacted to a movie that insulted Holy Prophet Muhammad and the ensuing attacks on embassies by issuing a joint statement.

In a statement released on Friday, the An Nusra Al Alamiya organization led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi made a call for prudence. With its headquarters in Kuwait, An Nusra Al Alamiya pointed out that the movie targeting Holy Prophet Muhammad was provocative and all ensuing attacks on U.S. embassies should end.

“Reactions against the insult directed at Holy Prophet Muhammad were legal and were things desired. This is a necessity of our faith. Defending the Holy Prophet Muhammad is a desirable Islamic behaviour. However, a Muslim must act based on the Islamic law and directives issued by the Holy Prophet Muhammad. We should not be acting in opposition to our Prophet Muhammad while thinking that we are defending him,” the statement underlined.

“The Muslims must control their anger. We need to focus on our aim. We need to stop the insult to our Prophet Muhammad immediately and punish those responsible for the insult. In connection with such an aim, we must stay away from acts that incite such insults, lead to the spread of such insults and protecting those making insults after they try to justify the insults based on freedom of expression,” the statement noted.

“Insults on values have no aim other than causing unrest. Replying to such provocations with violence is doing what those troublemakers want,” the statement underlined.

“The duty of the Muslims is not merely to respond to the insults directed against Prophet Muhammad. Holy Prophet Muhammad’s life, his high moral values and permanent message must be carried to the whole world. All means must be utilized to introduce Muhammad in the most accurate manner. Organizing international symposiums on Muhammad may be beneficial,” the statement stressed.

“The violent attacks on U.S. embassies are not within the boundaries of Islam. According to Islamic rules and moral values, we need to be loyal to agreements. Ambassadors, tradesmen or other contracted individuals entering a country can not be harmed. Holy Prophet Muhammad has forbidden the killing of ambassadors,” the statement also said.

Journal of Turkish Weekly, 14 September 2012