‘Muslims can’t rule in school’

Carole MaloneCarole Malone serves up another hysterical “Muslims are trying to take over our country” misrepresentation of the MCB’s recommendations concerning provision for young Muslims at school. Basic message is – if you don’t like “our” culture, go back where you came from:

“Just where does the Muslim Council of Great Britain get off demanding that Muslim schoolchildren have their own changing rooms in schools for sport and swimming? They also want single-sex classes for sex education, different assemblies, their own prayer rooms and special canteen staff to prepare halal food.

“Oh yes, and they want girls to be allowed to wear headscarves in all lessons and male pupils to be allowed to grow beards if they want to. Not only that but the Council want the whole exam schedule to be revised so that Muslims don’t have to take exams during Ramadan because they’re weakened by fasting.

“One wonders why the Muslims who agree with these demands bother to live in this country at all – because patently nothing about it suits them. One also wonders what would happen if Christian children living in an Islamic country rocked up to school wearing a skirt above the knee, a bit of make-up and a shirt that showed off a few centimetres of flesh. At a guess they’d be stoned to death.

“I’m sorry but there’s no other country in the civilised world that busts a gut the way Britain does to be inclusive and to promote cultural diversity. But these latest demands from a community that accounts for just three per cent of the British population is a joke. Strikes me the Muslim Council will only ever stop whinging the day Britain becomes an Islamic state. And that’s never going to happen. And if they’re so unhappy with British schools and what goes on in them, why don’t they shove off somewhere that suits them better – like Afghanistan.”

Sunday Mirror, 25 February 2007

For a similar view, see BNP news article, 24 February 2007

On the other hand, the National Association of Head Teachers has welcomed the MCB’s “helpful and useful document“. But what would they know?