Muslims ‘can never be British in spirit’

“Ronnie Liveston is right when he says ‘The mindset, religion and culture of Muslims are incompatible with the indigenous Christian Briton and will ever be thus’ (Letters, 24 September). While Muslim immigrants may adopt British nationality, they do not have a shared identity with us and can never be British in spirit.

“It is time that we began to understand that Islam is not just another religion; it is an all-encompassing nation state in its own right, with its own strict culture, political system and laws from which no Muslim can deviate. With Mosques and madrassas already proliferating all over Britain, Muslims are now planning to build the biggest Mosque in Europe to overshadow the new Olympic stadium in London. Is this an act of religious devotion or a political statement?”

Letter in The Scotsman, 28 September 2007