Muslim woman PC could face sack says Mail

“A Muslim woman police officer has sparked a new debate by refusing to shake hands with Britain’s most senior police chief for religious reasons. The incident happened at a passing-out parade where Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair was inspecting a line-up of 200 recruits…. An inquiry has now been launched and the unidentified WPC – described as ‘a non-Asian Muslim’ – could face the sack if it is considered that her strict religious beliefs prevent her performing as an effective police officer.”

Mail on Sunday, 21 January 2007

Postscript:  Brett Lock of Outrage offers the following advice to the WPC: “act reasonably, or find another occupation.”

Harry’s Place, 22 January 2007

Meanwhile one of Brett’s fellow bloggers is extending his range of prejudices from Islamophobia to homophobia. David T, commenting on the Clash of Civilisations conference which he refused to attend, writes that he “missed the opportunity to see Oliver Kamm in discussion with the Islamist activist, Inayat Bunglawala, and Linda Bellos: a former politician whose name is an anagram of ‘lesbian doll’.”

Harry’s Place, 22 January 2007