Muslim men plan complaint after being ‘treated like terrorists’ by airport police

A party of Muslim men who claim they were singled out and treated like terrorists by airport police vowed last night to push for an independent investigation. The seven-strong group say they plan to approach the Independent Police Complaints Commission over the incident at Cardiff Airport.

The men, who are from Pakistani families but were born and brought up in Cardiff, said they were questioned and had their details and passports checked by police officers. Two of the group also said they were singled out for hour-long interrogations, during which they claimed they were asked if they had extremist views and if they had ever been asked to carry out a terrorist attack.

Garage owner Sajid Hussain, 30, from Cyncoed, Cardiff, said: “It was clear discrimination. We were the only Asians in the airport. We understand they have a job to do and have to pull some people over, but it’s just the fact that it was all seven of us. And some of the questions they asked were ridiculous. It was like they were saying to me, ‘You have got a beard, so you look like a terrorist’. I felt quite bad that, just because of my appearance, I am considered half way to becoming a terrorist.”

Western Mail, 4 November 2009