Muslim leaders demand the release of kidnapped peace activists in Iraq

Yusuf_al_Qaradawi“While fully supporting the right of the Iraqi people to resist occupation with all legitimate means, we denounce as illegitimate any act of aggression against innocent civilians irrespective of their religion or nationality. We therefore call for the immediate release of these four hostages and of all other Western civilians kidnapped in Iraq and urge whoever has the ability to play a role in the endeavour to secure their release and their safe return to their countries to spare no effort in this regard. All illegitimate acts of aggression against innocent civilians, including kidnappings, indiscriminate killing or other forms of harm inflicted upon non-combatants, only harm the just cause of the Iraqi people and their legitimate struggle for freedom and independence.”

Yusuf al-Qaradawi and other leading figures in the Muslim world issue an appeal for the release of the peace activists held hostage in Iraq.

MAB news release, 5 December 2005