Muslim in final appeal to stop extradition to US

Ashfaq AhmadLawyers acting for Babar Ahmad are making a final appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to prevent the computer expert from London’s prestigious Imperial College being extradited to the US for allegedly running terrorist websites.

A decision on the case is expected to be made Thursday after Britain’s highest judicial authorities, the House of Lords, refused permission to appeal at the weekend.

“After three years of imprisonment without charge, Babar is being sent to face a flawed justice system in the United States,” said his family, who live in Tooting, south London. They said that his supporters from all over the UK will “hold the British Government responsible if he is subjected to any physical or psychological abuse.”

Law Lords rejected Babar’s appeal on Sunday when concluding that two points of law presented to them were not matters of “public importance”. But his family said that the refusal was a “complete travesty of justice”. The Attorney General and the Crown Prosecution Service had confirmed in writing several times that there is “insufficient evidence to charge Babar with any crime,” they said.

Muslim News, 13 June 2007